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Band members:

Kitty- Your favorite feline  singing bass!  


Equipped with an army of basses, Vocals and a ton of Hello Kitty bling, our girl has talent, swagger, attitude and passion second to none!  All her shots are up to date and she's never missed a gig. She comes to play, like most cats, but not often do you see a blonde haired Indian girl who rocks the house with a bass and the vocals to back it up.  Just don't get too close! She still has her claws...

Dangerous Dan....  The Frontman~ 


With the dance moves of Danny Terio, some passionate vocals, some pretty good drumming skills, rhythm guitar and harp, he puts on a show like no other! Not many frontguys are as versitile as this one.  As the face of the band, he gives a whole new meaning to a

1 Night STAND band!

Mr. Marky Mark  Pozzo..  Drums/Vocals


This muscular hunk is a Leo who likes long walks on the beach in a thunder and lightning storm while waving a golf club in the air.  In other words, he's electric!  When your done being mesmerized by his drumming, he'll get up and sing a few songs while Dan jumps on the drums and together they bring the night to a whole nother level.  

You gotta see this!

Dr Andre Lamarre-  Lead Guitar/Vocals


We found Andre after he escaped from Guantanimo bay. Beat up, bruised and worn down, we picked him up, dusted him off and found out this guy who calls himself a bass player is an amazing lead guitarist!  We still can't figure out how he moves his fingers like that and where he learned these scales that would puzzle a Berkely professor!  All we know is, he's the best!  And wait til you hear how he harmonizes!  Its pure beauty even when we play Crazy bitch!  Don't ask why, just enjoy it...

Update:  Please don't make us play crazy bitch anymore.  Why do some women love this song?!? 

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